Automobile Photo Booth For Car Dealerships

If you’re searching for an Automobile Photo Booth for your dealership, the Car and Auto Booth market is stocked with options. But as with every industry, not all are created equal. If you’re looking for superior construction, the CarKey® Automobile Photo Booth goes above and beyond in every possible category. It allows you to blend unstitched videos and high-resolution photos for an unmatched online presentation.

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Our Automobile Photo Booth Provides A Better Shopping Experience

CarKey® Booth offers an unparalleled online shopping experience to your customer. When you’re trying to drum up interest in a vehicle, it’s no different from any other product. When you use a vehicle photo booth, you’re establishing an emotional connection with the viewer.

You want a customer to see a vehicle in all its glory to invoke strong feelings in them. Shopping online is very different from grabbing the car keys and touring a lot. It would be best if you often went the extra mile online to get the customer to go the extra mile to you.

Whether they’re inspired, excited, or merely satisfied when they see your images, the point is to reach out to them through stunning visuals that they’ll remember long after they click off the page. Having the right photo booth can go a long way toward hooking a customer and bringing them into your dealership.

Drive Down Long Term Costs With No Hidden or Monthly Fees

Most car photo and video booth companies offer products that require a monthly fee or require software that is charged monthly. At CarKey® we don’t charge any monthly fees and our booths are a one-time purchase. Once a booth is purchased the dealership owns the booth: no monthly fees or lengthy contracts. The dealership purchases the CarKey® Booth and becomes equipped to rev up the dealership’s revenue.

The CarKey® Automobile Photo Booth is a permanent solution to the growing demand for consistency of online showrooms.

Easy to Use, Minimal Training


A car photo and video booth is useless if it is too complicated to operate. Very few employees want to take the time to learn yet another fancy gadget. Whether you’re replacing a car booth or buying brand new, the hesitancy of a staff member can be enough to compromise the value of the actual machinery.

CarKey® Booth is simple to use right out of the starting gate. There’s no required software to download for this booth, and dealerships can use it with any IMS. If you’re hoping to increase your ROI without stepping on anyone’s toes, this is a wise decision no matter how you slice it.

Put Your Customer in The Driver’s Seat


The CarKey® Booth gives you the chance to show off every part of the car. Standard automated booths can certainly take traditional photos, but this machinery takes it to the next level. From the engine to the trunk to the aftermarket spoiler, you can capture every detail.

Every visitor to your site is going to be looking for something a little different. A parent of four children will want to assess the back seat of an SUV, while a young couple might be interested in the luggage rack’s capabilities above and the cargo space behind. Some people want something sporty, while others are after sheer utility.

When you can take images from every angle, you give the customer the chance to see the vehicle online as if they saw it in-person. We designed this booth to be the missing link to the online shopping experience. You’re essentially compensating for what a customer isn’t getting when they walk into your dealership.

Boost Your Dealership’s Sales

This booth can be used with vehicles up to 1-ton and can accommodate trucks under standard configurations. There are no monthly fees or lengthy contracts to use this technology either. Once a dealership has purchased the video photo booth, it becomes theirs.

Online showrooms may once have been considered a luxury. Maybe only the best of the best dealerships had a dedicated space to take photos and videos. However, the reality is that few car purchases don’t involve some degree of internet browsing. If most decisions are made before the buyer even leaves their home, you can’t afford to ignore your online presence any longer.

Our Automobile Photo Booth is a way to solve several problems at once. You’ll not only be satisfying your customers at the early stages of their shopping experience, but you’ll also be increasing the number of conversions for everyone who walks onto the lot or through your doors.

Schedule an Automobile Photo Booth Demo

The CarKey® Booth does more than attract customers with flashy lighting or eye-catching backgrounds. You’re engaging serious shoppers with real needs and giving them a reason to choose the vehicles at your dealership rather than the one down the street.

If you’re ready to take the next step, a CarKey® Automobile Photo Booth demo can show you precisely what kind of investment you’ll be making. When you see the photos and videos that this booth can take, we believe you’ll be blown away by their superiority. The founders of CarKey®, Mike & Bethany Caruso, were originally photographers by trade and refused to compromise quality. We know exactly how to make your dealership stand out with the help of the best possible images of your vehicles. 

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