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Premium Lot Management CarKey utilizes a mixture of the best photo, video, and data platforms we have seen on the market today. With CarKey as your marketing liaison, we will also assist with setting up syndications, updating graphics, troubleshooting problems, or anything that may come up with regard to the flow of your inventory online. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, our support team is very responsive and knowledgeable with many of the online marketing concerns dealers face on a daily basis. Our Mission Top Notch Customer ServiceResponsive SupportPremium ImagingHigh Quality LabelsKnowledgeable, Automotive Enthusiasts Detailed Services In addition to our premium photo and video products, CarKey provides optional, full-color, interior and exterior window sticker labels. Our labels contain a manufacturer-based description of any pre-owned vehicle. Our 2017 FTC compliant buyer’s guides can be customized to your exact specifications, including dealer contact information, terms and duration.CarFax basics, Reviews & Awards, and optional QR code that links to your VDP.Exterior window stickers are a specialty product offered by CarKey. These labels are waterproof, fade-resistant, safer on test drives, and
Full-Motion Video   Video is quickly becoming the most effective way to market products online. Millennial’s watch video content more than any other form of advertising. According to a survey1, 43% of car shoppers say online video ads help them learn more about vehicles they hadn’t previously considered. Even more noteworthy: Video ads can prompt shoppers to take real-world action. CarKey uses Live Event Stream (LESA Automotive) for our video platform. We are the only LESA certified reseller in the Las Vegas area. Take your full-motion video directly to your customer with Dealer Video Suite, an app that allows your sales team to custom tailor, email & text inventory videos to potential buyers. You'll receive a full monthly report with viewer statistics and more. Utilize your paid marketing to its fullest with LESA and CarKey!
CarKey Marketing has provided stellar customer service as well as professionalism. We have been doing business with CarKey since 2013 and appreciate their consistency in business and highly recommend them to all who can utilize their services. Thank you Bethany for helping us keep our inventory accurate and up to date for our customers to see!I've been in the Car Business for 18 years and I've used vendors that take photos of inventory in the past but, there is no one like CarKey (Bethany and Mike) that goes above and beyond to make sure that Friendly Ford is happy and well taken care of! Anytime I need help with ANYTHING Bethany is on top of any issues or questions that I may have even when it has nothing to do with what CarKey does! Thank you for all that you and your company do to make my job easier! HDR Photography

CarKey captures high-resolution digital photos at automotive dealerships in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our photo packages are custom catered to each dealerships needs.

Full-Motion Video 60% of millennials prefer to watch a company video than read a newsletter. 80% of millennials find video helpful during initial purchase research. Millennials are 150% more likely th [...]
High-Resolution Photography   Our mission at CarKey is to provide high-resolution, descriptive photos of your inventory. We focus on displaying vehicle specific features and options on each vehicle we capture. Our team is composed of automotive enthusiasts that are trained for vehicle photography and data collection. Our photo packages are customized to your preferences. An survey from 2015 records that 51% of consumers are willing to pay up to $1499 more for tech features in their vehicle.1 CarKey photography ensures your consumer will see these features while shopping online. It is highly recommended to sign up for both new and pre-owned inventory. 55% of used car buyers consider both new & used.  88% of consumers are using the internet to find a vehicle, spending 59% of their time shopping online before entering the dealership.2 Of the 14:48 hours spent shopping for a vehicle, about 9 are spent online.3 As of 2016, only 2% of consumers utilize print for automotive shopping. We offer image overlays for different types of vehicles, new, pre-owned, certified, pre-recon, etc. We also offer a set of up to 4 placards which are JPG files that are added into your photo lineup prior to synd


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